• echo express 3 r 1024x1024
  • echo express iii-d desktop tb2 expansion chassis

Echo Express SEL

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Use PCIe Expansion Cards with Computers Lacking Slots—Use high-performance PCIe cards with any Mac with a Thunderbolt port.
Thunderbolt 2 Interface—Maximum performance with computers with Thunderbolt 2 technology, backward compatible with host computers and other devices equipped with 10Gbps Thunderbolt technology.
Thunderbolt 3 Upgrade—Upgrade to 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3 with a replacement Thunderbolt 3 interface card.
Small and Light—Most compact Thunderbolt 2-to-PCIe expansion system available, designed to fit the most popular Thunderbolt-compatible high-speed networking and storage controller interface cards.
One PCIe Slot—Supports low-profile card.
Limited 1-year warranty
Two Thunderbolt 2 Ports—Daisy chain up to six devices to a single port on the host computer.
Remarkably Quiet—Temperature-controlled, variable-speed fan automatically and quietly cools the card.
Energy Saver Mode—Powers on/off automatically with the computer.
Rugged Aluminum Housing—Provides robust and secure protection for any environment.
Thunderbolt Cable & ThunderLok Included—Includes Thunderbolt cable and Thunderbolt connector retainer clip to secure cable from accidental disconnections.


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