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Io 4K

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Powerful Mobile Thunderbolt I/O

Io 4K is the next evolution of capture and output hardware offering a full set of professional video and audio connectivity with support for the latest 4K and UltraHD devices and High Frame Rate workflows. The power of Thunderbolt 2 enables Io 4K to handle a wide range of formats from SD to HD, UltraHD and full 4K over both 3G-SDI and HDMI and support 4K frame rates up to 60p, plus HDR 10 and HLG support over HDMI for emerging HDR workflows.

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● 4 x bidirectional 3G-SDI
● 4K/UltraHD HDMI I/O
● Simultaneous SDI and HDMI outputs
● Realtime 4K to HD downconversion for HD-SDI and HDMI monitoring
● 10-bit high quality 4:2:2, 4:4:4 and High Frame Rate workflow support
● Two Thunderbolt™ 2 ports
● Use with any Thunderbolt 2 system for up to 4K at 10-bit quality and up to 50p/60p
● Backwards compatible with existing Thunderbolt hosts
● 16-Channel embedded audio on SDI
● 8-Channel embedded audio on HDMI
● DB-25 analog audio output connector
● XLR 12V power for battery or AC use
● RS-422 VTR control, Reference, LTC Input
● Headphone jack and level control for mobile environments

Professional connectivity—Have the connectivity required for today’s variety of productions. Io 4K supports 4K, UltraHD, 3G-SDI, Dual Link, HD-SDI and SD-SDI as well as UltraHD and HD over HDMI 1.4a for both capture and output.

Futureproof—Io 4K offers broad and futureproof support for formats all the way from SD to 4K.

HDR—HDR or High Dynamic Range, provides the ability to display a wider and richer range of colors, much brighter whites, and much deeper, darker blacks than standard signals allow.

Monitor 4K in HD—When working at 4K resolutions, Io 4K outputs a high quality HD-SDI down-converted signal on a dedicated BNC connector. This HD signal can be used to output 4K projects directly to HD recorders for broadcast and for easy viewing of 4K images on HD monitors during postproduction.

Powerful—Thunderbolt 2 technology increases the available bandwidth that can be carried on a single Thunderbolt cable. Io 4K capitalizes on this increased capacity to allow up to 4K signals to be captured and output.

Extensive software support—AJA hardware is supported by an extensive list of professional software for editing, visual effects, graphics and more allowing the same AJA device to be used by many different applications on the same system.

Integrated Audio—Embedded 16-Channel SDI and 8-Channel HDMI audio are supported as well as analog audio outputs via a standard DB-25 connection.

Sync up—Io 4K can be locked to an external reference for integration into larger productions, or feed LTC in and out to ensure footage captured with Io 4K has the proper timecode.

Machine control—An RS-422 port allows control of tape decks for frame accurate captures and layoffs.

3 Year Warranty


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